Intro to

Quantum Therapeutics

3-Session Package


Cherie's Introduction to Quantum Therapeutics package is a powerful offering of three, 90-minute private healing sessions utilizing Cherie's signature Quantum Jumping Method, empowering you to take your quantum leap out of feeling stuck and forward into a place of freedom. 



This offering is all about YOU! Cherie tailors your private sessions to meet you where you are while helping you get a jump-start on moving faster towards your personal healing goals. This package will enable you to make real, measurable change in a short amount of time. 


Do you feel like you've been using all of your energy to cope?



What if you could stop functioning and start actually thriving?


You are a unique, amazing being worthy of living the life you truly desire!



Cherie's Quantum Jumping Method is a unique, alternative trauma therapy in which you'll explore the powerful healing combination of metaphysical psychology and intuitive counseling with quantum physics, astral travel and energy work designed to completely clear any past trauma and emotional pain...for good! 



In her Intro to Quantum Therapeutics package, Cherie will help you take a complete energetic reset and clear any emotional stress in your life. Throughout these sessions, you'll explore a combination of the following for the ultimate reset:

  • Energetic field cleansing and restoring
  • Trauma therapy
    • Including healing sexual abuse, family trauma and childhood trauma
  • Releasing stuck emotions from the body
  • Healing the energetic causes of physical ailments and injuries 
  • Intuitive counseling
  • Addiction relief counseling 
  • Past life regression
  • Spirit guide and Animal guide readings 
  • Karmic healing



So, if you feel stuck and tired, confused and frustrated or simply need a deep reset, this is the perfect package for you. Cherie offers her quantum healing expertise and intuitive gifts to support you on your path to wholeness. You will experience REAL measurable change in these sessions and open the door to something totally new and different! 



Changing YOU, Changes EVERYTHING...