Quantum Therapeutics 

Online Video/Audio Course

Discover how to immediately bring yourself out of emotional discomfort and dissociation and back into your body with my QT Basics online video and audio program. 

I want to find me is one of the first things people often say to me.


"I don’t know who I am... I don’t know where I am. I don’t know what I like. I don’t know what is acceptable behavior. I just don’t know." They feel shattered. Using the analogy of a shattered mirror, you can find your image in full form in each sharp and dangerous shard. Handled with great care each can be functional on its own. But each piece is intended to be apart of a whole...


Functioning is not Living. 
Are you ready to learn how to live each day calm, powerful and confident?


​What are the QT Basics?


These simple quantum therapeutics exercises will help you go from dissociation to embodiment, emotional distress to comfort and teach you how to set up your energy field energy field for optimal interactions with your world. You'll receive a series of four video courses along with matching audio guides and downloadable worksheets.


This program will put you on the road to turning reaction into empowered action! You will learn to be at home in your body. You will understand the energies of emotion and how to set up your energy field for more authentic and empowering interactions with those around you. You will learn how to create a sacred space for doing your most important healing work and how to set your own energetic projection. Finally, i’ll debunk meditation myths and teach you how to explore a meditation practice that really works for you.


From these quantum healing fundamentals, the journey inward begins. You are set up optimally to begin the treasure hunt to find the truest you. 

What's included?

A series of 3 training videos - Astral Body Alignment,  Setting Up your Field and   


Audio exercises for each video to download on your favorite device and practice on your own


Matching worksheets for each video to keep notes and track your progress 


And as if that weren't enough!


A BONUS VIDEO teaching you how to meditate by utilizing what you do naturally! Debunk meditation!


And as a BONUS you will get the opportunity for a Personal Clarity Call with Cherie



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