Change Your Words, Change Your Life

Online Video Course


With the Change Your Words, Change Your Life online video program, you'll learn how to make major shifts in the ways you perceive and talk about your life so you can open yourself up to receiving the abundance, love and joy you truly desire.


"Your Word is Your Wand"


The words we use to describe ourselves and our lives has a direct impact on the experiences we call into existence. You can turn your words into forward motion tools of creation. Or remaining unaware, you can use your words to create  suffering and leave behind a wake of stagnation. 



This life-changing, self-healing program is ideal for you if you've been experiencing any of the following: 


High stress levels




Insomnia or Sleep Disorders

Physical ailments

Digestive distress 

Financial struggles 

Trouble in relationships 

Insecurity/Lack of self-confidence

Disordered eating habits

Feeling stuck or stagnant

Feeling a sense of hopelessness

Unsure of how to cope with life

Lack of clarity



Are you ready to create a life filled with joy, abundance, gratitude and ease?


Are you ready to learn how to truly manifest something

new and different?

What is the Change Your Words, Change Your Life Online Program?


This 3-series self-healing online video program will teach you the quantum physics behind manifestation through language and how to make subtle but impactful shifts to YOUR language so you can experience real, positive changes in your life.


In the first lesson, you'll examine the need to shift the ways your talk about your experiences and learn HOW to start seeing the good! With the current bombardment of language in our modern world, we settle into habits around how we perceive and talk about the world around us. In time, we don’t see anything else than what we’ve conditioned ourselves to see...especially poking holes in potentially positive experiences through the "too good to be true" mentality.  


In video two,  you'll learn how your words are affecting the world within you and around you. We have been conditioned to believe that our words only affect our lives when we choose to “Pray” or plug in. But here, we look at how our words are molding everything, even the environment we see.


In the final lesson of our series, you learn the art of reframing and how to turn your current language around into positive, action-oriented language. This course will give you practical exercises to start shifting the ways you see your world AND speak about it for REAL change to occur. 

What's inc​luded?

A series of 3 exclusive online videos, available to stream and download on your personal device  

  1. Creating Language Around What's Good
  2. How Your Words Affect Everything
  3. The Art of Reframing  


Matching worksheets for each video to become an expert at reframing and track your progress to see REAL change


BONUS: A complimentary strategy session with Cherie

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