QT Premium Program

 A Wholistic Approach to PTSD & Trauma Resolution

Take your Quantum Leap into Wholeness

Cherie's Premium Quantum Therapeutics program offers you the powerful alternative healing of her unique quantum jumping method for a complete trauma therapy that gives you the fresh start on life you deserve. This powerful quantum healing program includes three months of weekly one-on-one work, in which Cherie guides you to completely heal the emotional pain of your trauma, come back fully into your body and jump into the action of your life.


You will finally be freed from your pain to take the quantum leap into being your truest, healthiest self. 


You'll also receive emergency text, e-mail and phone support from Cherie, unlimited life-time access to the QT Members Hub. In addition, as a client of Cherie's, you'll have the opportunity to attend with VIP access to special events or retreats hosted by Cherie throughout the duration of your program.

What if you could hit the reset button for good and start actually LIVING your life?

Quantum Jumping Method:



Cherie's Quantum Jumping Method is a unique, alternative therapy process combining her expertise in quantum physics and metaphysical psychology with astral travel, energy work and intuitive counseling. 


Throughout our lives, we are hit with situations that challenge our reality. Cherie considers these events to be your personal “quantum timeline.” By analogy, if a thread were pulled through a piece of fabric, every so often there would be a loop of thread through the cloth. Over time, these loops would “catch and snag” everything that brushes up against it. This is the energetic stickiness that we experience with trauma, a backward flow of energy, constantly living in a state of “reaction" resulting in dissociation disorder. Pieces of ourselves become scattered about in the quantum field. 



Her Quantum Jumping Method is the process of smoothing these loops of trauma back into the thread of your life. The experiences remain a part of your past because they are woven into the cloth but they are diffused, and no longer hold an emotional charge. You are then freed from the emotional reaction around the event and instead, access the information held from that time in your life without the constant experience of pain.



Dissociation is the most common way we've naturally learned to deal with these traumatic events in our lives. The medical world has not fully explored where you go or what you do when you dissociate. Cherie's knowledge of dissociation disorder with her expertise in quantum physics and intuitive counseling is what makes her Quantum Therapeutics™ quick, precise and effective. She helps you make a quantum jump back, rewrite the story. You will have the opportunity to uncover whats lying in those energy sucking  black holes of our memory. This process takes us from a distressed 10 to a 2 in as little as 15 minutes.



Throughout the process, Cherie works with your innate ability to Quantum Jump to multiple realities in the quantum field. Once there, you recover the scattered pieces of yourself and bring them home to your body once more. With each loop of reintegration, not just the “traumatic” memory but also the good pieces of yourself that were lost or abandoned “come home”, as well. It's here that once again, you can become whole. 



Cherie's Premium Quantum Therapeutics Program will bring all of these missing pieces of yourself into wholeness, all present in your current reality. Once more you will be able to dream, to play, to create, to experience joy, to LIVE again and THRIVE as your truest, healthiest self! 


What Do I Get?

  • ​24 ~ 90 minute sessions. 2 per week scheduled at your convenience
  • text and email support in the interim 
  • ​membership to the QT Members Hub giving you access to Cherie's online course work to escalate your progress
  • VIP access ~ special pricing for any events or programs for 1 year


My family was torn apart by
alcoholism and other deep wounds. We were a mess. Cherie taught me to take
responsibility for my own happiness and that of my children, risk rejection and face the truth even if it’s ugly, live authentically instead “pleasing to survive” and
best of all: BE A MOM who honors, respects, listens to and guides her children into their destiny. 


Graduate of Signature Program

I have attended Prolonged Exposure Therapy PET, Cognitive Processing Therapy CPT, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing EMDR.  All failures. With Cherie, not only did I find normal again, but I made an awesome and very special friend.  

She met with me on a holiday that she should have been with family. She truly cares and that is why her treatment was successful.


Combat Veteran, Graduate of Signature Program

Deciding to work with Cherie has not only transformed me individually but my family as well. Struggling through an unexpected divorce brought me to a debilitating place personally.  

After many counselors, I took a leap of faith and decided on Cherie. I am so grateful for that decision today...She's right, changing you does change everything.


Counselor, Graduate of Signature Program