E-Book: You Are a Superhero

The Quantum Mechanics of Trauma

You Are A Superhero

The Quantum Mechanics of Trauma



    Combines the wisdom of story, the power of words, with quantum physics to offer a brand-new perspective on trauma and how to turn PTSD into life!


    Have you noticed that all of the new NETFLIX superheroes have PTSD? Each and every one of them gains access to their powers through extreme circumstances.


    In “You Are A Superhero: The Quantum Mechanics of Trauma" , Cherie offers a Wholistic, quantum view on PTSD and dissociation with the perspective that trauma opens the doorway to accessing one's own superpowers. Her e-book reveals how to turn emotional pain into power by shifting the way we think about PTSD and trauma. In addition, Cherie offers readers powerful tools like how to come back into your body when you dissociate, the secrets around healing your trauma for good and how to step out of suffering and into your magic.


    What This PTSD guidebook

    will teach you...

    • A wholistic perspective on trauma, PTSD and dissociation

    • How to come back to your body when you dissociate

    • How to heal your trauma and PTSD for good

    • How to step out of your suffering and into your magic